“…our new favourite practitioners of other-worldly psychedelia“ – teamrock.com

"This is the musical equivalent of fucking a pecan pie." – Nasreen

“Give it a listen and let it blow your mind!” – Jeff Fitzgerald (psychedelicwaves.com)

Sophmore album now available

Take a Journey Outside of Time with the sophmore release from GSR. Guaranteed to blow you out of reality into new sonic realms of enlightenment 

Buy DIRECT from the band or from NASONI RECORDS

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3/23 - Ridglea Lounge, Fort Worth, TX w/ Fogg, Same Brain
4/7 - Tin Panther, Fort Worth, TX w/ Slow Salvation
4/13 - Acid Koolaid Festival, Dan's Silverleaf, Denton, TX
4/22 - Three Links, Dallas, TX w/ Creepeth
6/3 - Tin Panther, Fort Worth, TX w/ Cloud Catcher, Crypt Trip